My name is Felix Leuer and since my childhood I wanted to combine my profession with sports. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough for a career as a professional athlete, so I took a different path to follow my dream: As a sports lawyer and sports official, I have gained a wealth of experience in professional sports and have a broad network. With both, I help my clients; comprehensively and always thinking two steps ahead.

Exchanging the perspective next to the field with the place in my own office, I always keep the following principles Sports in mind when advising:

  • Knowledge of the rules
  • Be aware of your own strengths
  • Use game intelligence
  • Fair Play
  • Patience
  • Team Play

Working as a successful consultant is directly related to these values.

I specialize in advising athletes, associations and clubs as well as general contract law.

I look forward to your inquiries.


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As an attorney, it is critical to have strong references that reflect the quality of my work and satisfaction. Over the course of my career, I have built a broad network that values my skills and expertise, gives me positive feedback, and recommends me as trustworthy, knowledgeable, and dedicated. My references range from individuals to companies and organizations.



As an attorney, I often work with various business partners to provide comprehensive support to my clients. One of these partners is Sport Benefitswho can accompany athletes** careers with a selected network and help with issues such as health, finances and other important matters.


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