Sports law

Sports law is difficult to outline as a field of law, as many different subfields are involved. For example, it includes the legal aspects dealing with the operation of sporting events, the administration of sports organizations, the marketing of sports products, the representation of athletes and many other aspects of sport.

Contract law in sports

Contracts between athletes, teams, agents and sponsors are often very complex and require special knowledge. Advisory services include, in particular, the negotiation, conclusion and enforcement of contracts.

Labor law 

Starting with the simple question of whether athletes are employees at all, the relationships between athletes and coaches and clubs and other organizations are subject to labor law provisions. 

Anti-doping law

Doping is prohibited and violations of doping laws may result in both civil and criminal penalties.

Marketing right

The marketing and protection of trademarks, image rights and other intangible rights of athletes are becoming increasingly important in today's world, where athletes themselves often become brands.

Sports law thus covers a broad (legal) field. It is an important part of the law, which is of great importance for athletes as well as for sports organizations and organizers.